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The Sunrise Shack was never just about coffee, it was, and always will be about making the most of life.

The Shack was started in 2016 on a small plumeria farm in the heart of Oahu’s north shore, but the seed was planted in the hearts of the founders long before then. Alex, Travis, and Koa Smith, along with their good friend Koa Rothman are all surfers raised by the Hawaiian Islands, and they feel that their upbringing has inspired the Sunrise Shack to be what it is today.

We want the Sunrise Shack to radiate the aloha of these islands and to provide you with healthy food that is delicious and brings a bit of joy into your day.

We hope you come grab a coffee, make a friend, and truly feel like today is a good day. - Alex, Travis, and the Koa’s

Meet The Founders

Travis Smith

Travis, the middle of the Smith brothers, at the age of 12 became a professional bodyboarder and competed at the world-famous Pipeline. He was discovered for modeling on Oahu at the age of 16 and began traveling the world for brands such as Versace, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren, working as a high fashion model. He then moved back to the islands with the dream to start the sunrise shack. 

Alex Smith

The eldest of the Smith Brothers, Alex grew up surfing as a sponsored athlete traveling the world. He has been traveling the world storytelling for international brands through videography and photography. His passion for health and peak performance has contributed to each item on the Sunrise Shack menu. 

Koa Smith

The youngest of the Smith brothers, Koa is known for traveling the world and scoring some of the best waves on the planet. He holds the record for the longest barrel ever recorded and the most barrels rode on one wave! He now lives on North Shore drinking bullets, surfing Pipeline, and spreading good vibes every day. 

Koa Rothman

Koa is known for his standout performances at Banzai Pipeline and also his Youtube series: This is Livin. At 16 years old he was surfing the heaviest wave in the world in Tahiti, Teahupoo and caught the biggest wave to ever come in at Teahupoo. He now chases the world’s biggest swells and stops by for a Monkey Bowl when he needs a break between the action.

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