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Welcome to The Sunrise Shack Blog Page

Welcome to The Sunrise Shack’s first blog post! We have two locations on Oahu at Sunset Beach and Waikiki. At our stands, you’ll find fresh, local, organic produce, bullet coffees, smoothie bowls, cold press juices — and even salads, sandwiches, and wraps at our Waikiki location. 

We also offer Sunrise Shack t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, coconut bowls, bamboo straws, and so much more. You can purchase our products at either of our locations or from our online Sunrise Shack Shop. 

In this blog post, we are going to tell you a little bit about the history of The Sunrise Shack, the dream of three brothers that started it all, and how they took their idea of a little fruit stand and turned it into The Sunrise Shack. 

Visit The Sunrise Shack today on Oahu orshop our online store

The History of The Sunrise Shack

The Smith brothers grew up on the Hawaiian Islands. And as spectacular as the waves in Hawaii are, they had a dream to one day make a surf trip to Australia. Alex, Travis, and Koa started a small fruit stand at the end of their driveway and successfully saved enough for their trip.

In 2016, the Smith brothers and their friend Koa Rothman expanded their fruit stand idea into a coffee shop at Sunset Beach. You can buy their coffee by the cup at their location or order that same coffee and creamer online. The Sunrise Shack quickly became a place for locals to enjoy a healthy, organic smoothie bowl, a delicious bullet coffee, or to purchase a Sunrise Shack Coffee mug or coconut bowl.

In 2018, the founders of the Sunrise Shack opened a second location in Waikiki. 

The Sunrise Shack Menu

The Sunrise Shack menu offers healthy superfoods and locally grown produce. It was the dream of the Smith brothers and Koa Rothman to share their love of healthy eating with their customers. 

At both locations, you can enjoy a bullet coffee drink, a superfood smoothie bowl, and cold press juices. At the Waikiki location, you can also enjoy a salad, sandwich, or wrap.View The Sunrise Shack’s menu today!

The Sunrise Shack Shop

The Sunrise Shack Shop offers everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs to coconut bowls. You can purchase the same items offered at the Sunrise Shack in Hawaii at The Sunrise Shack Shop online. We even offer the same superfood-packed, non-dairy creamer online that we use at our stands. Purchase some of our coffee and creamer online, and make bullet coffees at home!

Visit the Sunrise Shack on Oahu or Shop the Sunrise Shack Shop Online

If you are or going to be on Oahu,visit the Sunrise Shack at either of our locations at the Sunset Beach north shore or Waikiki Beach in The Outrigger Hotel.

If you are shopping from home, order a Sunset Shack t-shirt or hoodie to add a little Hawaiian style to your wardrobe. You can also order some of our coffee and creamer and make the best bullet coffee you’ve ever had, right at home.Shop the Sunrise Shack Shoptoday!

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