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The Benefits of Bullet Coffee

If you’ve ever had a bullet coffee, you know how decadent they can be — the creamy texture, the froth, the smooth delicious taste. What you may not know is, this coffee that seems like an indulgent treat also has health benefits. 

A bullet coffee is made with high-quality, organic coffee, coconut oil, MCT oil, grass-fed butter, and little vanilla. The coffee provides caffeine and antioxidants, while the coconut oil, MCT oil, and the grass-fed butter provide healthy fats and cholesterol that help you feel full and promote the production of testosterone. 

While bullet coffees can be slightly high in calories, they can still be a great addition to a healthy diet. In this blog post, we are going to discuss some of the many health benefits of bullet coffee.

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Improves Cognitive Function

The MCT in MCT oil stands for medium-chain triglycerides. These are known to give your brain a boost and improve your cognitive function. There have even been recent Alzheimer's studies utilizing medium-chain triglycerides. 

Improves Mood

The cholesterol found in MCT oil and grass-fed butter increases your testosterone. Higher levels of testosterone promote a good mood and feelings of general wellbeing. Enjoying a bullet coffee means a happier you! 

Impacts Weight Loss

Bullet coffees that contain grass-fed butter, MCT oil, and coconut oil can help you feel fuller longer. The healthy fats that these ingredients contain mean that when you enjoy a bullet coffee, you will remain full and energized for a good part of the day. 

Increases Energy

Bullet coffee is made with high-quality organic coffee that contains caffeine. The combination of the caffeine and the high-powered fats means increased energy. 

Improves Strength

The cholesterol found in bullet coffee can increase your testosterone, which can help build lean muscle. You can enjoy a bullet coffee and improve your strength at the same time!

Helps Your Heart

The coconut oil found in bullet coffees is a healthy fat and may help to increase good cholesterol and reduce inflammation.  

It’s Keto-Friendly

The MCT oil in butter coffee can help induce nutritional ketosis and actually reduces the symptoms from transitioning to a ketogenic diet. The MCT oil, coconut oil, and grass-fed butter all contribute to reach and maintain ketosis. 

Get the Health Benefits of Bullet Coffee at The Sunrise Shack

At The Sunrise Shack, we offer bullet coffees in many flavors. Each bullet coffee includes organic coffee, coconut oil, MCT oil, grass-fed butter, and vanilla — all the ingredients that contribute to the health benefits of bullet coffee. 

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